Cambodia child-sex tourism

When she refused to have sex with clients she was given electric shocks.

When she complained that she was too sleepy hot chilies were placed in her eyes.

Describing the scene at Svay Pak, Kathy Marks wrote in the Independent, “Several girls in skin-tight trousers and spaghetti-strap tops are dancing around a group of Japanese men, giggling and flirting, sitting on their knees.

A waif in a pajama-like outfit whispers in the arm of a prospective punter, suggesting boom-boom (intercourse) or yum-yum (oral sex).

Somaly translates: “She says she was sold by her mother when she was seven.

These children are coerced into having sex and are exploited abused and put at great risk of contacting AIDS.Many are sex slaves who given no money, just food and are threatened with guns f the escape.Many were sold into the trade by family members or lured away from their villages with false promises of good jobs.‘Very good, very nice,’ she promised, massaging his shoulder, then leans over and kisses him firmly on the mouth...The prostitutes look no older than 12 or 13, but there are younger models inside the brothels, where the girls are instructed to lift up their tops and skirts to show of their childish bodies.” Nicholas D.

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They are said be valued for both their youth and the fact they are too young to have contacted AIDS (you can have sex with them without having to wear a condom).

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