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The Validation plugin lets you apply validations to your fields to prevent a form being submitted with invalid values.Meanwhile the j Query UI Datepicker plugin lets the user select a date from a pop calendar, ensuring a correct entry.Business rules validation, data reporting, general validation, quality control, quality assurance, firewalling, filtering, constraint checking, naming and design rules checking, statistical consistency, data exploration, transformation testing, feature extraction, house-style-rules checking Schematron is very simple (only five important elements), very powerful (it can express many kinds of constraints impossible in other schema languages), very diverse (it can be used for business rules, reports as well as the kinds of static constraints usually associated with schemas.) It places particular emphasis on capturing constraints in human language assertions and generating appropriate human-language diagnostics: this allows a level of user-friendliness not available in other schema languages.As well, the phase mechanism let you choose which set of patterns you want to look for next, to suit your workflow and to handle versions and variants.Future media types are discouraged from registering any parameter named "q".SHOULD be interpreted as "I prefer audio/basic, but send me any audio type if it is the best available after an 80% mark-down in quality." If no Accept header field is present, then it is assumed that the client accepts all media types.The Accept request-header field can be used to specify certain media types which are acceptable for the response.Accept headers can be used to indicate that the request is specifically limited to a small set of desired types, as in the case of a request for an in-line image.

The Accept-Charset request-header field can be used to indicate what character sets are acceptable for the response.

This field allows clients capable of understanding more comprehensive or special- purpose character sets to signal that capability to a server which is capable of representing documents in those character sets. Each charset MAY be given an associated quality value which represents the user's preference for that charset. An example is The special value "*", if present in the Accept-Charset field, matches every character set (including ISO-8859-1) which is not mentioned elsewhere in the Accept-Charset field.

If no "*" is present in an Accept-Charset field, then all character sets not explicitly mentioned get a quality value of 0, except for ISO-8859-1, which gets a quality value of 1 if not explicitly mentioned.

A problem arises if the user can also enter a date manually as they may not provide a valid value.

The plugin presented here extends the Validation plugin to allow Datepicker fields to be validated before submission.

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