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The Grafen von Stade were appointed Markgrafen der Nordmark in 1056 and ruled until 1144 (Chapter 2.C), although members of the Grafen von Pltzkau also ruled as Markgrafen between 11 (Chapter 2. The last Slav ruler of Brandenburg appointed Albrecht Graf von Ballenstedt as his heir in 1139.Baumgarten states that the wife of Markgraf Bernhard was --- Vladimirovna, illegitimate daughter of Vladimir Sviatoslavich "Velikiy/the Great" Grand Prince of Kiev & his mistress ---.He cites a single German secondary source, dated to 1722, but this in fact makes no mention of Bernhards wife.Brandenburg, and to the south Meissen (as successor to the March of Ostmark), evolved as stable principalities firmly within the empire, although the rulers of both territories continued to hold the title "Markgraf".

It is unclear how long Albrecht held this appointment, but he continued to use the title "Markgraf" after losing the territory, in line with numerous similar examples in Germany in the middle medieval period.

He inherited Brandenburg in 1140 from Pribislav-Heinrich Prince of the Hevelli.

It is does not appear that Brandenburg itself was a "March" at that time, but Albrecht continued to use his own personal title of Markgraf.

The authority for his statement is therefore unknown and it is preferable to assume that it is incorrect until further information comes to light.

If Baumgarten is correct, this person could have been the unknown second wife/mistress of Bernhard who is described as Slavia by Lambert von Hersfeld.

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Nevertheless, the Annalista Saxo records that he was deprived of the dignity (in 983) in favour of Lothar [III] Graf von Walbeck after the Slavs destroyed the churches of Brandenburg and Havelberg and relapsed into paganism.

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