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First, with the now-6th-tier-side Concord Rangers (from 2007 to 2015, which included 3 promotions, from the 9th level to the 6th level).

And then Cowley had one year at the helm of the then-5th-tier-side Braintree Town (two seasons ago in 2015-16, when Braintree punched above their weight and finished in 3rd place in the 5th division; Braintree has since been relegated to the 6th tier).

Counting 2017-18, Lincoln City have played 105 seasons in the Football League (previously in 2010-11).

Lincoln City have the unenviable distinction of being the club with the all-time-most demotions/relegations into Non-League Football – the Red Imps have been sent down into the non-League Wilderness 5 times.

-Table, fixtures, results, attendance, stats…LEAGUE TWO [Summary] ( -League Two 2017-18 season preview (by Ben Fisher at A brief re-cap of 2016-17 League Two [the 4th division]… Lincoln, Lincolnshire is the 69nd-largest Urban Area in the UK .

Population of Lincoln: city population of around 97,000; built-up-area-population of around 114,000 .

Then Lincoln City signed Cowley in the summer of 2016.

Photo of street in Lincoln by a canal, with Lincoln Cathedral in background, photo by YTFC independent site uk/[match gallery , Lincoln City 2-3 Yeovil Town (3rd Div match)].

The thorough preparation that the Cowley brothers introduced to the Lincoln squad showed, and Lincoln were in 1st place by late November 2016.

And then the Imps continued their great FA Cup-run, holding their own – and then some – against upper-League opposition.

Colours: Red-and-White [vertically-striped jerseys]. Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire, situated (by road) 39 miles (63 km) NE of Nottingham; and situated (by road) 156 miles (261 km) N of London.

Danny Cowley (age 38; born in Havering, East London).

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