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On average, EMEA CIOs have increased the amount of time they spend on business leadership up from 30 percent three years ago to 41 percent today.

This indicates that as digital transformation accelerates, the role of the CIO is changing.

WAY KAMBAS NATIONAL PARK, Indonesia At 16 months, Delilah is growing fast.

Yet while I was visiting some of the last survivors of this species in Indonesia, the government was not talking about their nearly extinct rhino, but about pandas.

People in the government are still busy with the panda Everyone is so excited about that, Wulan Pusparini, a scientist at the Wildlife Conservation Society, told me over coffee.

I should make the first of what I hope need be only a few confessions.

We are in the business of history, but also of opinion, of trying to read the characters of the dead.

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